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Two Day National Workshop Held at Rai University, Ahmedabad

Centre for Research & Development and Department of Science, Rai University have jointly organized Two Day National Workshop on ‘Scientific Writing, Publication Ethics & Data Analysis Using SPSS’ on 21st and 22nd September, 2019 which was sponsored by Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat and co-sponsored by Gujarat Laboratory.

This workshop aimed to intend in the development of the skills needed to write and submit scientific manuscripts with the ultimate goal of improving the dissemination of research and enhanced knowledge sharing. The workshop comprised of general theoretical basic concepts about research process, statistical data analysis, modern computer applications in research, publication ethics, scientific way of writing research papers, and hands on experience to SPSS. This two day national workshop will not only add knowledge and skills but also carry weightage to improve your API score as per UGC regulations.

The workshop was started on 21st September with Saraswati Vandana and Lamp Lighting by Dr. Anil Tomar (Provost), Prof. Lalit Adhikari (Registrar), Veerendra Singh Nagoria (Dy. Registrar-Academics), Dr. Gurudutta Japee (Guest Speaker), Prof. Ashish Rami (CRD), Prof. Pradeep Kumar Singh (HoD-Department of Science), Deans and HoDs followed by welcome speech by Dr. Anil Tomar.

The first session of the workshop was delivered by Dr. Gurudutta Japee (HoD, Department of Advance Business Studies, School of Commerce, Gujarat University) and who spoke on state-of-the-art techniques of writing scientific reports, Ethics, and Journal Publications. In his session he gave importance on bringing trend of talking about research paper in academic institutions.

Rests of the sessions were delivered by Dr. Mamta Brahmbhatt (Associate Professor, B. K. School of Business Management, Gujarat University) who explored the various facilities available with software packages for data analysis and preparation of manuscript. She also explained the use of the SPSS and know-how of the software in practical session.

Large number of faculties and PhD scholars were benefitted by this workshop and they got exposure about scientific research paper writing, publication ethics and data analysis. They also developed the understanding of right approach towards research design and methods.

Two Day National Workshop organized by Rai University received overwhelming response from participants of various states including Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, New Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Hariyana, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

Vote of Thanks offered by Prof. Lalit Adhikari (Registrar) in the closing ceremony in the on 2nd day. The participants were given certificates at the end of workshop with a group photo session.
The workshop conveners were Prof. Ashish Rami and Prof. Pradeep Kumar Singh.

It was the first workshop where Rai University has organized an event sponsored by Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat.

Lamp Lighting

Dignitaries with speake

Group photo with participants

Handson practice of data analysis

Lab session on data analysis

Memento to speaker Dr.Japee

Memento to speaker Dr.Mamta

Session by Dr.Japee

Session by Dr.Japee

Session by Dr.Mamta Brahmbhatt