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Traffic Volume Count Survey_14th, 15th & 16 February, 2019

Traffic Volume Count Survey_14th, 15th & 16 February, 2019

Students of School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) pursuing B.Tech and Diploma courses under Department of Civil Engineering carried out a traffic volume count survey at Paldi Cross Road, Ellis bridge Rivor front & Ashram Cross road, Ahmedabad.


In view of its own importance, the transportation sector is considered as the life line of our country and also for the economy of any city or a town, hence the design and application of transportation infrastructure has much wider scope. Therefore, for the civil engineering students it is prerequisite to know all the concepts of designing transportation infrastructure like urban transportation network and its future forecasting, geometric design of the road according to the traffic conditions. The objective behind this survey is to understand the traffic characteristics in terms of average daily traffic, traffic composition, peak hour traffic and directional split at individual survey locations.


After explanation, discussion and understanding of all the technical concepts related to the study and general criteria for the survey, the total number of students were divided into 4-teams in the combination of B.Tech students and Diploma students each team including six members for the better transmission of the technical policies of the concerned subject and it is followed by on-field suggestions and guidance provided by the concerned faculty members i.e. Prof. Mukesh Bhatia and Prof. Bageshree Panara. After that every student was given a sheet in which they had to take count of the vehicle like, 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, bus, light and heavy commercial vehicle, cycles, etc. The survey started sharp at 8:30 Paldi cross-roads and the time interval of 1 hour was maintained. At every 1 hour interval teams were changing their positions for the better and smooth observation of survey. Students took the count of particular type of vehicles for the purpose of highway geometric design. It has been clearly seen that number of vehicles in peak hours (8:30 to 11:30) was much more as compared to off-peak hours. The entire survey was being monitored under the supervision of faculty members. At the end of the day the students submitted their sheets to their respective professors.


After all the data collection, the data was analyzed by the students and various important graphs and excel sheets were made for the future forecasting of need of the road, improvement area, geometric design and also its significance on the transport infrastructure facility of the city. In the end the students learnt the method to conduct the traffic volume count transportation survey and gained the practical knowledge about the same. It was a great initiative by the Department of Civil Engineering to bring out civil engineers with high technical competencies and to promote high-end research to meet the current and future challenges in civil engineering.

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