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Texspin Bearing Ltd. 10th October, 2017

The students of mechanical engineering semester III, V, VII at Rai University visited Texspin Bearing Ltd. which was established in 1961by Mr. Honourable founder and chairman, Mr. Chunilal Makwana.  The company started out by manufacturing bearings primarily for the textile industry and that’s how the company’s name, ‘Textile Spinning’ originated.  Since then, the company has also been a supplier to the automotive industry applications. Now Texspin Bearing Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of bearing products in India.


The tour took the students to various different departments starting from the heat treatment, machining, quality check, CGDG (Center less grinding and duplex grinding), finishing, assembly, and packaging storage.  In heat treatment department, the students witnessed how the professional engineers worked in real world.  Moving on to the quality check department, the guides told about the different types testing machines used.  For the students, they operated spectrometer, hardness testing machines, diameter measuring instruments and height measuring instruments on the spot. 


Nothing is better than hands-on knowledge. The students received most updated real time knowledge on working and application of different types of bearing from the best in the industry.