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Teacher’s Day Celebration at Rai University 2018

                    Teaching is one of the most important vocation in society, and great teachers see teaching as far more than job – it is a “noble calling”, a life choice to take on the important responsibility of educating and inspiring the next generation. Most teachers choose teaching as their “calling” because they were inspired by one of their teachers when they were in school.
                     It was an auspicious day for students of Rai University, to celebrate Teachers’ Day which marks the birth of the great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan, the first Vice President and the second President of India.
The Members of the Reevot Club, who had been preparing for the grand day for more than a week, organized a great show dedicated to their teachers. Students decorated the college campus with the decorative items like ribbons, hanging, balloons and many more on Teachers’ day. Each of the faculty had a personalized greeting card on their desks wishing them a Happy Teachers’ Day.
                     The function was inaugurated with lamp lighting by Dr. Kartik Jain (Provost), Prof. Anil Tomar (Dy. provost & Registrar), Dr. K. V. Patel (Dean- Agriculture Dpt.), Dr. Sandesh Chibber (Controller of Examination), Prof. Veerendra Singh Nagoria (Director-Academics), Prof Ashish Rami (Director- CRD) and Dr. D. M. Patel (Prof. of Mechanical Dpt.). At the same time “Saraswati Vandana” was sung by one of the students. There was a video shown on the topic, “National Integrity” by MHRD.

                     This time there was a great enthusiasm shown by all the staff members of Rai University. There was a play on the theme “Woh Char Saal”. This depicted the entire engineering life, all the ups and downs in a students’ life. This play filled the entire audience with laughter and emotions. There was a next splendid performance by students which was dedicated to their teachers. It was the outstanding performance and received maximum ovations. The next beautiful performance given by another staff group was a motivational play which gave the teachings on punctuality, discipline; don’t waste food and many more. The function also included a distinguishing Garba performance. This was also a mesmerizing act. There was a short poetry by one of the staff member for the students.

                    There were fun games organized for the teachers. All the teachers were enjoying the buoyancy of playing all the rounds. The winners were declared and felicitated.

                   The entire event was hugely appreciated by one and all. It concluded with a ‘thank you note’ delivered by a student representative, marking the importance of teachers.