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SOLS-Visit of SCIENCE CITY Gujarat on 28th February, 2019

        Every year in India, National Science Day is celebrated on 28th February. On the same account, a knowledge driven visit to Gujarat Science City was organized by School of Life Sciences and Applied Sciences, Rai University, Ahmedabad on 28th February, 2019. Gujarat Science City, located in Hebatpur, Ahmedabad, is a part of Gujarat Government’s initiative to draw students more towards education in science. The Government has created a sprawling center at Ahmedabad which aims to provide a perfect blend of education and entertainment. It showcases contemporary and imaginative exhibits, minds on experiences, working models, virtual reality, activity corners, labs and live demonstrations to provide an understanding of science and technology to the common man.

More than 90 students from all the disciplines of B.Sc., B.Tech. and M.Sc. got an invaluable chance to explore an understanding of science and technology. It was a glad experience to visit the science city and to meet Mr. Pulkesh Prajapati who explained about the enormous science city in detail. Great scientist Ritesh Kumar Mishra had delivered an expert lecture on that day and was perceived by the students. A visit to a Hall of Space, Planet Earth, Energy Education Park, Life Science Park, Hall of Science, Mars ride etc was very exciting  for students and really helped them in understanding basic science. The students also visited IMAX 3D theater. The movie ‘planet visit’ where it was explained in brief about the elements of space and moon was enjoyed by all.

A scientific temperament was created amongst all on the science day. Finally the students spent quality time and learnt certain things about science, mathematics, and biology and could relate their science knowledge with live examples.