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SOA-Industry Visit On 19th March 2019

Industrial Visit Report  DMAPR, ANAND, School of Agriculture

On 19th March 2019, all the students from B.Sc. Agriculture Semester VIII had visited ICAR – Directorate of Medicinal Aromatic Plants Research established on November 24, 1992. The institute had a 20.2 hectare irrigated land at Boriavi in Anand district of Gujarat. Prof. Dr. Prajapati Sir had delivered a lecture about their organization and explained regarding recent best agriculture practices of medicinal and aromatic plants on farm which was about 2 ha land. Also, students had visited herbal garden with about 200 species of medicinal plants and in about 6 ha, Arboretum with about 110 species of medicinal trees/herbs. The remaining area was used for general cultivation and seed production of medicinal plants. The students gained knowledge of cultivation practices, processing of various medicinal and aromatic plants. Students took information for multiplication of some medicinal and aromatic plants in biotechnology laboratory. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Prajapati Sir explained about the organization very well, and gave knowledge of about all the medicinal and aromatics plants. They also demonstrated the entire collection of all the medicinal and aromatic plants germplasm.