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SCIENCE CITY visit by First Year Students on 30th August, 2019

School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Life science and School of Pharmacy, Rai University, Ahmadabad jointly organized a visit to science city for first-year students on 30th August 2019. Gujarat Science City, located at Hebatpur, Ahmadabad, is a part of Gujarat Government’s initiative to draw students more towards education in science. The Government has created a sprawling center at Ahmadabad which aims to provide a perfect blend of education and entertainment. It showcases contemporary and imaginative exhibits, minds-on experiences, working models, virtual reality, activity corners, labs, and live demonstrations to provide an understanding of science and technology to the common man.

On the occasion of birth anniversary of Ernest Rutherford, who was the Father of nuclear chemistry and nuclear physics, this visit was planned. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for work on radioactivity, and named alpha and beta radiation and also developed the Rutherford model of the atom from his famous gold foil experiment.

More than 60 students from all the disciplines of B.Sc., B.Tech. and Diploma got an invaluable chance to explore an understanding of science and technology. It was a glad experience to visit Science City. After students met Mr. Mukesh Bhatt, students attended an expert lecture about the history of Ernest Rutherford, experiments and models of Rutherford which was delivered by Mr. Mukesh Bhatt. He also explained the discovery of Alpha and Beta rays, and the law of radioactive decay in detail, which was perceived by students. After that students visited a Hall of Space, Planet Earth, Energy Education Park, Life Science Park, Hall of Science, Mars ride, etc. It was very exciting for students and helped them in understanding basic science.

A scientific temperament was created amongst all on the science day. Finally, the students spent quality of time and learnt certain things about alpha and beta rays and could relate laws of radioactive decay.