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Rai Premier League (RPL) Cricket – 13th to 15th March, 2018

Rai University organized Rai Premier League (RPL – cricket match). Fourteen teams played head on against each other and it was splendid to watch each team compete against each other as if their life depended on it.
Such sports events help break the monotony, imbibe team building skills, increase one’s focus and make one agiler. We believe that a bit of sport once in a while adds on to the balance between studies and extracurricular activities.
The event initiated at 9:00 AM with the inaugural address to all the teams present. All the academic staff was invited as the guests and slowly the atmosphere gathered excitement and zeal as enthusiastic sports fans in a fair number flocked to the ground. Winning team and runner up team were encouraged by giving winner & runner up trophy & certificates. There were twenty one trophies in total including 14 man of the match awards.
“RU official Team” was declared as winner team, “RU Alumni Team” was runner up. Mahendra Mawadi was awarded with the title “Man of The Series” due to his outstanding performance. He scored 91 runs & took 10 wickets. “Batsman of the tournament” was Vaidik patel, he scored a century.”Bowler of the tournament” was mahendra marwadi. Winning and Runner-Up team were followed by a small photo session . It was a thrilling finish to the Rai Premier League (RPL) 2018.


Prof. Veerendra Singh Nagoriya falicitating Mahendra Marwadi for his outstanding performance.

Proud moment Of winning Team

Runner Up team with trophy

The winner’s Trophy shining brightly for the winning team at Rai premier league.

Winner team with trophy.