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Rai University, Ahmedabad had organized a cricket match; Rai Premier League (RPL–2K19) from 25th March, 2019 to 28th March, 2019. Thirteen teams played head on against each other and it was splendid to watch each team compete with the full verve. Such sport events help break the monotonous routine life and imbibes team building skills, increases one’s focus and makes one agile. We believe that a bit of sports once in a while adds on balance between studies and extracurricular activities.

The event started at 9:00 AM with the welcome and inaugural address by Dr. D.M Patel (Dean, Principal Diploma Engineering) and Prof. Veerendra Singh Nagoria, (Deputy Registrar Academics) respectively; National Anthem carried forward the event. To make an exhilarating opening, the very first ball of the RPL was played by Prof. Veerendra Singh Nagoria. The 13 teams viz. Rai University official, Marketing Team, Gully Boys Faculty Team, Ordinary Admin Team, Meldi CC, Ordinary XI , Hostel hitter’s, Mojilu Kathiyawad, Ha Moj Ha, Kingfisher’s Royal Rajkot, Mr. Meldiwala, Falcons and Peshwa XI had participated for the round-1.

The first round included face- off between two different teams, eliminating a few and qualifying the rest to play further for round 2. After seeing a lot of players outstanding performance semi-final was conducted between the winners of round-2, they were Ordinary XI Vs Meldi CC and Rai University official Vs Meldi CC. Slowly the atmosphere gathered excitement as enthusiastic sports fans in a fair flocked to the ground.

The winners of semi final were Ordinary XI and Meldi CC, both of these teams were qualified for the final match of the event and with all cheers in the ground the winner for the final match was declared as Ordinary XI. Amongst the faculty members the match was won by the Ordinary Admin Team.

The following were appreciated and prized by giving trophy and certificates.

• Winner of the match- Ordinary XI
• Runner up of the match- Meldi CC
• Staff Winner of the match- Ordinary Admin Team
• Man of the match Final- Parshwa Shah
• Man of the match Semi-Final- Hiren Patel
• Man of the match Semi-Final- Satyamsingh
• Best Batsman- Parshwa Shah from Ordinary XI
• Best Bowler- Nikunj Patel from Meldi CC
• Best Fielder- Hiren Patel from Meldi CC
• Best Catch- Hiren Patel from Meldi CC

All the teams and Sports committee members were appreciated for their endless efforts to make RPL a grand success and it ended up with the vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Anil Tomar, Dy. Provost and Registrar, Rai University Ahmedabad.