Terms & Conditions of Admission

  1. The admission of a candidate stands cancelled if it is found that he/she has submitted false documents, or has made incorrect claims / submissions in his / her selection process.
  2. We have taken due and reasonable care in obtaining the University status from the Government of Gujarat and University Grants Commission (UGC). However we shall be bound by any change in the laws / government policy / judicial ruling affecting its status as such and shall have no liability in such an event.
  3. The admission letter, prospectus, information brochure and website of the University are the correct and only guide to the terms and conditions of admission and the rules and regulations of the University. Students are advised to refer to the same for clarification. No other form of communication other than those mentioned, whether written or verbal is there between the University and the students.
  4. Except for the refundable security, none of the components of the fees once paid is refundable under any circumstances.
  5. Rai University, Ahmedabad reserves its right to revise its fee structure as and when recommended by the management.
  6. The University reserves the right to cancel the admission of any candidate under any of the following circumstances :
    1. If the fees is not deposited by the stipulated date.
    2. If the candidate does not join the particular programme by the stipulated date even though the Fee has been deposited.
    3. If the candidate fails to furnish the proof of the minimum eligible qualifications required for admission into the program/course within the stipulated time frame.
  7. A candidate found indulging in drug / alcohol abuse, violence or improper behavior and does not abide by the rules and regulation as are relevant from time to time; he / she will be rusticated.
  8. Activities that have the effect or intention of interfering with education, pursuit of knowledge, or fair evaluation of a student’s performance are prohibited and offenders shall be liable for appropriate punitive action.
  9. The conditions laid herein are binding on the student and his/her admission to Rai University, Ahmedabad is out of his/her own free will and consent and at his / her own return / risk.
  10. Any request for cancellation of admission and/or refund/ has to be made in writing a month before the classes commence stating the reasons for withdrawal. The action on application shall be decided by the Admission Committee based on the mitigating circumstances for the refund sought. Normal processing time will be taken in this process. Any dispute /disagreement in the same shall be referred to arbitration to be adjudicated upon by sole arbitrator being a retired Judge of a High Court or as governed by the rules of UGC and the same shall be binding on both the parties.
  11. The acceptance of an offer of admission implies the consent of the student to the rules and regulations of the University.