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One day Workshop on Software Testing Technology by STAD Solutions at Rai University

24th Jul, 2019: Corporate Resource Cell at Rai University, Ahmedabad organized a Workshop for students pursuing B.Tech & Diploma CSE/IT Engineering in School of Engineering & Applied Science. Several important topics like Basics of Software Testing, types of software testing, why is testing required, etc. were covered by the team of STAD Solutions.

It was an interactive workshop. They started the workshop with the basic introduction to Software Testing, its types, why and where it is performed, types of bugs and how those found bugs are resolved. They also got some games for students to make them understand the difference between manual and automated testing. The skills required for a Software Tester were also discussed by them. Trends and the automated tools of Software testing were also discussed during the workshop. They briefed the students about the types of automated tools, basic hardware and software requirements for Software Testing. Students were also briefed about the test cases maintained while performing testing on a product. They didn’t only explain it analytically but also provided students their developed web applications and asked students to find the bugs from them. They also showed a small demo on Selenium IDE used for automated testing. Students were also briefed about the career options in Software Testing. After the workshop, the students asked them the questions and they answered them aptly.

The students got insights about how Software Testing works and where and why it is important, how we can avoid failure of projects in the market.