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One day Workshop on Android Technology by Praxware Technology at Rai University

26th November, 2018: Corporate Resource Cell at Rai University, Ahmedabad organized a Workshop for students pursuing B.Tech & Diploma CSE/IT Engineering in School of Engineering & Applied Science. Several important topics like Basics of Android technology; Custom Adapter, etc. were covered by Android Developer and Trainer at Praxware Technologies, by Mr. Hitesh Kachhela.

It was an interactive workshop. He started the workshop with the Current trends of Android development and its advantages and disadvantages. He explained them the benefits and changes it will bring to day-to-day activities and how it can benefit them irrespective of their branch. He discussed the importance, usefulness and impact of apps in today’s digital world. He briefed the students about the types of validation, basic hardware and software requirements for android development. He provided insights about Android development. He explained them app architecture, app components and app resources. He has not only explained it analytically but also demonstrated by creating an app in front of students. Even the students got a chance to experiment with their coding skills on Android Studio. To enhance their skills an app development competition was declared. In this the students had to design the user interface of the app. After the workshop, the students asked him the questions and he answered them aptly.
The students got insights about how apps will disrupt the digital world, how can it be useful to them and how it will bring the change in industry.