Life Skills

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At Rai University, we have always focused towards imparting the interactive educational module in order to ensure that our students carve a niche in their respective field of work and choose the right career path. Since it is important to prepare them face the real challenges of life, we have an integrated department that trains our students achieve their career goals under the assistance and guidance of our academic team. Hence, we are all geared to impart the best practical based knowledge that will prove beneficial in their future endeavors.

To increase the confidence, clarity, discipline, desire to excel and to boost the employability factor, we have introduced various programs in Life Skills and organize Guest Lectures on regular interval. All these programs help to impart excellent value system, creative communication, interpersonal skills and social responsibility among students. In addition to this, we organize various industry visits and acts as interface between the students and the reputed industries, allowing them to understand the actual workability of various industries. This also helps them to opt for suitable jobs after completing their studies, allowing them to shine bright as successful and learned professionals in near future.

Value System

    • Demonstrates sincerity
    • Focused towards achieving objectives
    • Believes in Hard Work and Integrity
    • Considers teamwork as essential to individual excellence

    • Equipped to obtain and retain employment
    • Adaptive to multi-tasking and new learning
    • Adds creative attitude to the culture of an organization
    • Functions effectively within a team
Unlearning, Learning, Re-learning

    • A constant learner, develops life long learning skills that support continuous education
    • Achieves high standard of literacy
    • Manages information with efficient organization
    • Demonstrates aesthetic awareness
Social Responsibility

    • Practices a healthy lifestyle
    • Demonstrates responsible conduct
    • Participates in community service
    • Understands and promotes the democratic principles of freedom, justice and equality
Diverse Thinking

    • Demonstrates a variety of thinking processes
    • Integrates new information with existing knowledge and experience
    • Applies thinking skills strategically
Collaboration and Interpersonal Skills

    • Works with a variety of population and profiles
    • Facilitates groups effectively
    • Can handle complex interrelationships
Entrepreneurial Mindset

    • Views a problem as an opportunity
    • Delivers results with minimum resources
    • Is a self-learner and takes initiative
    • Delivers innovative solutions
    • Open to risk-taking
    • Stay stress-free and optimistic
Creative Communication

    • Use a variety of media of interaction e.g. reading, writing, speaking, listening, painting, singing, playing instruments, dancing, dramatizing, sculpting
    • Uses appropriate verbal and non-verbal methods to communicate with others