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DreamZ Scholarship Scheme for Underprivileged Girls

Miss-Teressa-NovarroReal development is only possible once quality education can reach in the remotest areas. Rai University is widely recognized for its commitment to providing various scholarships based on merits and means. The main focus is on providing better education and career opportunities for young women in the 21st century from the most deprived section. Rai University constantly endeavors to provide educational opportunities to those who need them the most. Professional higher education is crucial for the girl child, in order to gain career competencies, leading to remuneration placement in industry and enhance self esteem in society.
Rai University also believes that the development is possible only when quality education and equal opportunities are given to girl child. To do so, the University has initiated DreamZ Scholarship Scheme for Underpriviledged Girls to achieve holistic and realistic empowerment of the girl child in Gujarat. Dreamz Scholarship is a wakeup call to the need, urgency and responsibility for each one of us to contribute to the society.
With this initiative, Rai University is confident to create a platform for bringing in some fresh breeze of hope and achievement in the lives of a few of the millions of underprivileged girls.
Under DreamZ Scholarship underprivileged girls of the state are provided with scholarships including free tuition, boarding & lodging, study books and materials, for pursuing further professional courses in diverse fields such as hospitality, fashion, media, business and management, etc. Transportation for educational trips, Mediclaim and other peripheral activities related to academics are also included under this scheme. Every year a specified number of underprivileged girls are awarded with full scholarship.
Rai University ensures that the girls hailing from even the most deprived and disadvantaged sections are empowered through quality education with emphasis on leadership skills, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through a dedicated process of skills training, counseling and overall personality & psycho-social development, DreamZ Scholarship girls at Rai University are well on their way to achieve their dreams.
Rai University is proud to announce Miss Teressa Novarro as our esteemed Goodwill Ambassador of our Dreamz Scholarships.