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Industry Visit-Water Treatment Plant-Kotarpur

                  A Visit was organized on 8th September 2018 at Water Treatment Plant, Kotarpur by Civil Department, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Rai University.
                 Kotarpur Water Works provides services which focus on customer centricity rather than profit making motive in such competitive market. The company deals in Water Treatment and Water Supply in Ahmedabad. Kotarpur Plant treats 650 MLD water and max. 750 MLD water accumulated form Narmada by gravity flow and from Sabarmati by pumping water. The water treatment plant at Kotarpur provides up to 80% of water demand of 1100 MLD consumption of Ahmadabad city and is largest water treatment plant in Asia till now.
The main objective of the visit was to make students aware about the real dimensions and working of treatment units on site, techniques presently applied in water treatment & its practical performance.
                All students along with staff of Civil Engineering Department have gone for a special industry visit at water treatment plant, Kotarpur, Ahmedabad which serves as a primary source of drinking water for the people of Ahmedabad city. A 650 MLD water treatment plant was constructed from 1983 to 1987, but surface water source from Dharoi was not adequate, it was not commissioned. The Narmada canal alignment was planned by GOG u/s of Kotarpur water works and escape in the river Sabarmati was constructed and commissioned. So that Narmada canal water was available in the river to pick up this water, AMC has 2 Intake well works. Another Plant of 200 MLD is also functioning nearby.
                A brief description about the entire plant was given by Mr. Nimesh Gajjar with the help of a water treatment plant model. It was followed by visit to inlet bay, Pump House, Alum Dosing, Clariflocculators, Filtration Unit -filter bed, Filter house, Filter water pump House, Disinfection Unit – Chlorine gas Dosing unit, Sludge digestion unit- Sludge Handling Pump, Clear water reservoirs & Pumps used for distribution system. The beautiful part of entire plant is that it is run by entirely by gravity force thus saving lot of energy. The students and all the staff members have enjoyed the technical Endeavor. Visit seems to be very informative and gives good learning experience.