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Industry Visit- Sewage Treatment Plant-Pirana

               A Visit was organized on 15th September 2018 at Sewage Treatment Plant, Pirana by Civil Department, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Rai University.

               The main objective of the visit was to fulfill the student goals and dreams in an efficient way to gain practical knowledge of the core projects and gain industrial skills which can complete their education properly.

              All students of Civil Department along with staff members of Civil Engineering Department have gone for a special industry visit at Sewage Treatment Plant at Pirana, Ahmedabad which treats the domestic wastewater coming from the Ahmedabad city. A 180 MLD water treatment plant was inaugurated in the year 0f 2007 with the design period of 15 years. The note to be taken here that the plant is only used for the treatment of domestic wastewater. It is not being used for the treatment of  industrial waste water.

             A brief description about the entire plant was given by Mr. Avinash Vyas in the conference room with the help of schematic flow chart. Students knew and understood the concept of the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of wastewater, in further how the sludge is being used for agricultural purposes. As well as the gases left out at the end of the treatment are pressurized and then sold in to the market. All the students gathered on the terrace of the main building and then components of the plant were shown by Mr. Vyas.

           Students were briefly guided Process Units, Biological Treatment Units, Sludge System Unit and Gas Utilization System. Students were introduced with different characteristics of sewage treatment plant and how the various process of waste water treatment plants are carried out.

          Students visited the entire plant and got vast information about Waste Water Engineering. They also clarified their doubts during the plant visit. It also gave them a chance to come a step closer to their educational experience which forms the basis for a strong career. All in all, it was a fruitful visit.