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Industry Visit, School of Agriculture-C.J. Parikh Industry Lambha

                   On 22nd November 2018, all the students from B.Sc. Agriculture, B. Tech Food Engineering and B. Tech Agriculture Engineering Department got an invaluable chance to explore the premises and procure the knowledge from the eminent experts and the scientists of C. J. Parikh industry. It is a private owned, Indian seed grower and seed processing plant located near Lambha at Ahmedabad, India which was established in 1968. It is an eminent company having global presence and dominance in manufacturing and supplying hybrid seeds for growing and is one of the largest suppliers of seeds to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra etc. The company is unwavering in its determination to attain excellence in all that it does and sets the highest standards for itself in the areas of health, safety, quality, cost, research and development programs. 

                  Mr. Prashant Parikh, Managing Director of the company accompanied us during the visit. He explained about the organization very well, and allowed us to visit all the manufacturing departments and seed processing units of the industry such as Harvesting of seeds, Collecting seeds from farms, Cleaning of seeds, Moisture testing, Drying of seeds, Grading (Gravity separator), Treating of seeds, Seed packaging. 

                    They also demonstrated the working of all the machineries such as Pre cleaner, Cleaner cum grader, Seed dryer, Indented cylinder, Seed gravity separator, Seed grader and Seed packaging unit. Different varieties of crops for Groundnut, Wheat, Sorghum, Castor, Moong bean, Cumin, Urad bean, Sesame, Isabgol, Pearl millet and Lucerne were seen. 

                   A separate doubt session was held to take note of all the queries of the students and clear their doubts regarding any of the seed processing step or the respective instruments used. The Session concluded with a brief explanation on current research work undertaken at C. J. Parikh industries. Students were imbibed with scientific awareness, sensitization, socio ethical acceptance and adoption of varieties to the potentials by the visit.