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Industry Visit-Piramal Enterprises Limited, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Industry Visit-Piramal Enterprises Limited, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Exposure to real life industries is one of the key elements implicitly emphasized in the Program Outcomes (PO) for students graduated from Chemical and Biochemical Engineering programs. Industrial visit activity is important for students to relate their theoretical knowledge to practical aspects of the studied courses. Rai University always believes in linking student’s classroom learning experience with actual exposure and applicability in an industry environment.

An Industrial visit to Piramal Enterprises Limited, Plot#18 Pharmaceutical Special Economic Zone, and Village Matoda was organized by school of sciences, Rai University on 15th November 2018.  Piramal Pharmaceutical Company based in Ahmedabad, India and was established in 1984 and provides services of Pharmaceutical Healthcare, Life Sciences, Capital, and Healthcare Information Management. We had started our journey as per schedule on 15th November 2018, with School of Sciences’ students. Approximately 66 students from B.Sc. Microbiology, B.Sc. Biotechnology, B.Tech Biotechnology, M.Sc. Microbiology, M.Sc. Biotechnology, B.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. Chemistry from all semesters along with faculty Members Ms. Namrata Vijay more, Ms. Bindu Goswami and Mr. Jai Patel got an invaluable chance to explore the premises and procure the knowledge from the eminent experts and the scientists present at the premises.

We were glad to visit the Piramal Enterprises Limited; first of all we met to Dr. Manish Mittal and Mr. Neeraj Patel. Students were divided into two different batches. They have demonstrated smoothly about current research projects at their institute and allowed us to visit all departments and laboratories. They explained in brief about the products that Piramal provides to their clients. Piramal Discovery Solutions (PDS) is a contract research organization and work in the field of pharmaceuticals. PDS is a reputed service provider for mg to kg scale discovery chemistry requirements. They have partnered with a range of well known pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from Europe, USA and Japan. The specialized team at PDS has a broad array of experience in preparing small molecule NCEs with the requisite high quality specifications. We were allowed to visit the following laboratories or departments.

The Hyden, Cavendish, Clover and so many projects are undertaken by piramal Pharmaceuticals. The chemicals required for these projects are ordered from the local and foreign vendors. The synthesis of the targets are carried out using the given literature protocol or by searching appropriate methods from the various search tools such as reactive scifinder etc. The target compounds are synthesized and finally they are purified by using different techniques like column chromatography and HPLC. The purified samples are analyzed by using LCMS and NMR techniques. The samples are then sent to the client for biological activities like anticancer, antibacterial, CNS disorders.

A separate Q&A session was held to take note of any queries of the students and clear their doubts regarding any of the process or instrument.  Session was concluded with a brief explanation on current research work done at piramal Pharmaceuticals. Students were imbibed with scientific awareness, sensitization, socio ethical acceptance and adoption to the potentials and application of pharmaceutics by the visit.

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