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Industry visit- Indo German Tool Room -29th August 2017-B.Tech

The school of Engineering at Rai University Ahmadabad organized an industry visit to Indo German Tool Room on 29th August, 2017. The students from mechanical engineering and automobile streams joined to explore the operations of machinery in main industries. Indo German Tool Room Ahmadabad is a tool room and training centre engaged in production of tools of precision plastic & metal component and also engaged in area of training in tool and die making, CAD/CAM & CNC Technology.


During the six hours of extensive field tour, the students were introduced to the operations of Lathe machines and its types. In addition, they had chance to observe different milling machines and injection mold machines which have been widely used for making plastic equipments. Nowadays, non-conventional types of production machinery are used for the mass production due to their high precision, accuracy and the automation which help the operation of the mass production much more efficient. It was explained that computer-aided-engineering (CAE), computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM), and computer-aided design (CAD) were the latest process for the production industries.


Through the visit, the students came to understand the working of up-to-date machinery, processing of equipments, storage plant in production industry and engineering section.