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Industry Visit- Green Field Control System Ltd. – B.Tech Mechanical Engineering –30th August, 2017

Providing an opportunity for the students to interact with experts and observe how the real professionals operate is one of the top priorities for the faculties at Rai University Ahmadabad. On 30th August 2017, mechanical engineering students of semester III and VII made an interesting field visit to Green Field Control System Ltd. located in Gandhinagar.
Green Field Control System Ltd. has been the leading engineering company specializing in the field of elevator and door control operation. It has the global presence by partnering up with premium brands in the industry.
During the visit, the students had chance to observe the works of Smart Home department, Elevator department and CNC department. First, Mr. Jay Patel of Green Field Control System briefed the students about the operations of Smart Home department. In smart home system, Mr. Patel, explained, all things that we use routinely in our home such as fans, light bulbs, air-conditioning units, windows and, etc can be operated remotely by the TV set connected to a set up box without for us moving around. Next Mr. Jignesh Patel introduced the automatic door opening system. The students gained invaluable hands-on knowledge on landing door mechanism, car door mechanism, door operation controller, and lift door mechanism by the using of sensors and servo motors. Lastly, Mr. Hiren Thakkar showed actual use and application of M-Codes and G-Codes. He also mentioned about how to make CNC program and selection of tooling according to the work pieces.

The visit to Green Field Control System was a rare opportunity for the students of Rai University to gain practical knowledge on how automation system makes our life more comfortable and the benefits of automation in manufacturing system for reducing human efforts and smooth operation from the experts in the industry.