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Industry Visit- Automotive Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. – Ashok Leyland Workshop

                  A Visit was organized on 11th September 2018 at Automotive Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. – Ashok Leyland Workshop by Automobile Department, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Rai University.
The objective of the visit was to explain how accurately automotive parts are serviced and different parts with different engineering department. Also to make students aware about how the different subject works in real practice by using different kind of machines and equipment and processes.
                  All the students of Automobile department along with staff have gone for a special Industry Visit at Automotive Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.– Ashok Leyland, which is one of the famous vehicle body building company in India. The main objective behind the visit was not only to introduce the students to the real time automobile world Garage and Mechanics performing various day to day functions of basic servicing and maintenance but also understanding other related operations and functioning of a garage for goods vehicles.
                  Students were guided by the one of the resource persons from the company saw live demonstration and understood explanation from expert mechanics for areas like Service Bay, Service and Maintenance Area, Spare Parts Shop, Machine Shop and Body Shop etc. are carried out. They practically understood a lot about the knowledge and tips for service operations, gearbox and its various parts, overhauling of Engine, Accident Vehicle related Work of a Vehicle, etc.
                 Seeing the demonstration involved learning by reason, explanation and practically faced issues in the real world, this is also one of the strategies of teaching in the Department of Automobile Engineering. Overall, the visit was well organized. Students had a clearer understanding about concepts studied and it’s was agreed by all that it requires practical experience to be an adept, which is best acquired on the floor. It was an informative, interesting and a successful visit. As a student’s of Automobile Engineering, they understand a live applications and importance of technology selection, etc.
                 This visit helped students to understand the working of machinery and which type of knowledge is required for industries and how the flow of part is done. And also know about the different processes.
The students and all the staff members have enjoyed the technical Endeavour. The organization also appreciated our students after the question answer sessions. Visit seems to be very informative and gives good learning experience.