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Industrial visit at Prolific on 07th Feb 2019

                                                              Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                     Ahmedabad on 21st March 2018

With an aim to practical knowledge above academic, Electrical Engineering Department, School of engineering & applied science, Rai University, Ahmedabad had organized a one-day industrial visit to Prolific System & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad; on 07thFebruary 2019. Total 17 students &4 faculties from Electrical department, visited the Company.


The purpose of this Industrial visit was to provide an excellent opportunity to all the students & faculties, to interact and know more about industrial environment. The students are encouraged and aware in the field of Automation, Power quality, and Motor control devices.


Prolific provides end-to-end comprehensive Total Automation Solutions through integration of cutting edge, state-of-the art PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), controllers, distributed data acquisition and control systems, compact PCI and PC based open control software solutions. Prolific is the only company worldwide which has more than 300 sets of PLCs, 30 Sets DCS and More than 75 Instrumentation labs. The training will be provided on actual PLCs and DCS used in the plant and NOT on simulation software.


The prime objective of this visit was to make students aware about the actual demands of the industry. First a small Presentation given by their expert to the students about their company, different departments, their Products and business policies. After that introduction of different automation equipment used by industries. Later on, the students were divided into two groups; both the groups one by oneattended lectures given by industry staff on different automation techniques and equipment which are PLCs of different companies, SCADA system, HMI, different drives and motor control technique used in industries. After that, Students were learnt about hardware configuration with motor control devices, PLCs, SCADA, DCS etc.Then, Students were taken for robotics and hydraulics assembly area where how robotics can be performed. Technical staff of PROLIFIC gives detailed description about the automation system. At final of the visit students were taken to the main assembly area where Prolific staffs get review of the training and that was good response given by students.


Outcome of visit is that students got so many new contents and real-life experiences to the industry automation system. There is a good experience for students with automation techniques used nowadays in industries, so students get aware of those fields and it also gave them a practical knowledge about Industrial electronic devices, robotics, DCS, PLCs, SCADA as well as how to improve the desire skill for students and give them proper guidance for future career as automation industry.