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Industrial Visit at ‘Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage Private Limited’

Coca-Cola one of the leading brands across the globe in beverages. It has maintained its legacy for more than 130 years. Rai University Ahmedabad had organized the industrial visit to ‘Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage Private Limited’ plant in Goblej, Ahmedabad on 22nd January 2018. The visit was planned for the students of Rai Business School accompanied by the Faculty Prof. Rinku Patel and Prof. Hitesh Lalwani. With all the students, faculty left for visit at 9:30am and took about an hour to cover the distance.
As soon as they reached, they were warmly welcomed and were given a brief about the rules they have to follow during the visit. An orientation session was conducted by Mr. Dipak Singh (Engineer-Quality Control) who provided very useful information about the Coca-Cola Company which includes historical background, number of products and its quality standards and every possible detail was shared with the students.
After the session the students were taken to the Assembly Line and concise about the Processes and Operations undertaken by the plant. The curiosity of the students was finally satisfied when the question-answer session was conducted by Mr. Dipak Singh. The students were provided with deep insights about the working of the Plant and each and every question was patiently answered by him. As the company say’s “Opens Happiness”, the visit beyond doubt opened the happiness of students.

At Coca-Cola

Students of Rai Business School

Thanksgiving by Prof. Hitesh to Mr. Dipak Singh