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Industrial Visit at G.S.E.C.L Kadana Hydro Power Plant on 4th October 2017

With an aim to explore beyond academic arenas, Electrical Engineering Department, School of Engineering & Applied Science, Rai University, Ahmedabad organized an industrial visit to G.S.E.C.L Kadana Hydro Power Plant, District Mahisagar on 4th October 2017. Total of thirty two students and two faculty members from Electrical Department visited Kadana Hydro Power Plant.
The purpose of the industrial visit was to provide a rare opportunity to Rai University students to interact and learn about actual industrial environment. The students studied and were aware of the field of generation as well as practical concepts in the world of power generation.

The power station is located at Kadana Dam on Mahi River in Mahisagar District which is 190 km from Ahmedabad. There are four units of hydro turbines, each of 60 MW with total installed capacity of 240 MW. All the units are of BHEL make. The dam was constructed between 1979 and 1989 and supports the pumped-storage hydroelectric power-station. The first two generators were commissioned in 1990, the second two in 1998. The first two generators commissioned, Stage I, are reversible Kaplan turbines that allow the power station to generate electricity during peak hours then pump it back into the reservoir during low demand hours such during evening hours. Kadana Hydro Power Plants have been operated and handled by Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL).

The visit provided the students many new understanding in power sector unit, such as layouts of a Hydro Power Station, the amount of power generated from there, the costing system of power generation, knowledge on the location and rating of the equipments, control room working, and functions of switch yard and distribution systems.