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Guest Lecture on PYTHON

17th July, 2019: A guest lecture on ‘PYTHON’ was conducted on 17th July, 2019 at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Rai University for the students of B.Tech & Diploma (CSE/IT and Electrical). 
Ms. Sonali Changla, (Assistant Professor, Electrical Department), welcomed and introduced the speaker. The speaker was Mr. Sunit Jha, Tech-Head, TOPS Technologies, Ahmedabad, who has more than 5 years of experience in working on large and impactful projects in the IT domain. Firstly he gave a brief introduction about the company and its service offerings.. 
Mr. Jha shared information on the Python Programming Language and its scope. He described the difference between Python and other Programming Languages. He explained the students on how to get started with Python, define functions, library files available etc. He also covered the topics like Operators, Controls, Decision making loops with examples. After that, he also had done some programming exercises with students. The students were told about Applications of Python, Machine learning, Data Science, Hardware programming with python, Web applications with Django framework & Job opportunities. Mr. Jha has also explained Django framework with example. He explained the students to get started with Django framework, useful cmd commands, some examples and also showed the students the applications made in Django framework.. 
The session was extremely interesting for the students and they got an opportunity to hear and learn from an industry expert. The session was concluded by thanking him..