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Guest Lecture On ‘How to Prepare Yourself For Career In Pharmaceutical Industry’by Ms. Mrudangi Trivedi on 11th April, 2019

From being a student to a professional is not an easy transformation for someone who has never held that position before. In an attempt to help students understand the needs and expectations of Indian corporate from them, the School of Life Sciences, Rai University, Ahmedabad invited Ms. Mrudangi Trivedi from a renowned pharmaceutical company on 11th April 2019 to deliver on “How to Prepare Yourself for Career in Pharmaceutical Industry”

Ms. Mrudangi Trivedi has over 8 years of experience in pharmaceutical sector. Ms. Mrudangi Trivedi shared her experience in joining corporate world as a fresh out from college with the feeling of unpreparedness and awkwardness. Ms. Mrudangi emphasized that college students shouldn’t overlook the importance of personal management, time management, punctuality, being presentable as professionals, which all would add up on their reputation and performance evaluation sheets that most reputable corporate in India are keen upon. She stressed, being employed doesn’t only mean that one would receive a pay check regularly, it also means meeting the expectation of the company and delivering the best of oneself.

The lessons and teachings of Ms. Mrudangi Trivedi couldn’t be found in text books. The students of Life Science Department availed the real practical advice which only true mentors who had gone through the path could share.