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Guest Lecture on GATE/PSUS/GOVT.JOBS – AWARENESS & CAREER OPTIONS-School of Engineering 5th October 2017

As final year approaches, senior students become apprehensive and inadequate cracking the job market entrance for the first in their life. There are still many jobs available for the youth, but the point is getting the good job. For that one may need some professional help.
In order to help the anxious students, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Rai University Ahmedabad invited Mr. Rohan Garg from I.C.E Gate Institute on 5th October 2017 in an attempt to introduce expert perspective of tackling job preparation process for all senior engineering students. Mr. Rohan Garg’s expertise is in training. He has also been operating various ICE Gate Institutes nationwide. He is an EC engineer and earned MBA from IIM C.
During three hours of exciting and informative lecture, Mr. Rohan listed up the engineer vacancies in PSU, government, and private sectors along with how to successfully prepare for the entrance exams and to give an impressive job interviews. Furthermore, being an engineer himself, he shared his own experiences and motivated the students by introducing other successful industryleaders who have already gone through the path that the students will soon face.