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Guest Lecture – Corporate Trainer, Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), Mr. Deven Oza, 6th March, 2017, Corporate Resource Cell

Mr. Deven Oza, Corporate Trainer at Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) was the respected guest speaker on 6th March, 2017. The session was on the topic “Animation & VFX” organized for students of B.Tech and Diploma CSE & IT.
Animation itself is an industry and as an industry it’s on boom. The animation industry in India is expected to grow at a pace faster than the IT industries. The expert initiated the session talking about 2D & 3D Graphics and its usage. Further, he also threw light on concepts like Image generation, Pixel, Graphic Designing, Graphics Transformation & Film making. He also involved the students by making them create demo using 3D animation and VFX. The highlight of the session was explanation about Visual Effects technologies also citation of examples of films Bahubali& Ra-One. It is true that from hand drawn images to computer generated environments, the results of automation on animation are astounding. He also mapped the evolution of animation films.
Mr. Oza concluded the session discussing about the various career prospects in animation. Students understood that the talent requirement in the Indian animation and VFX industry is not people who know how to use a piece of software that will be obsolete in a few years anyway – but people who understand story, character, camera, editing, and have the artistic skills to bring their visions to life. It was a great learning experience for all.

It’s all about the ability to imagine &to draw what you imagine – students attending the expert session.

The session in its highlight