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We are faced every day with challenges to our health and wellbeing resulting from the pollution of our environment. The best way to combat this is to be treated with Bio Energy. The School of Life Sciences and Corporate Resources Cell (CRC), Rai University, Ahmedabad, had organized a guest lecture on “Bioenergy – A New Opportunity” on 16th February, 2018, that was delivered by expert Dr. Bharat Gami, R&D Manager, Abellon Clean Energy Limited, Ahmedabad. Bioenergy is a renewable energy source created from natural, biological sources. Abellon is an integrated sustainable energy solutions provider with a vision to contribute to clean energy generation through focus on bio energy, including bio pellets, bio fuels, bio power, and other forms of clean energy generation.
The company’s focus is on developing products and solutions that lower greenhouse gas emissions and productively harness the abundant energy of the sun, benchmarking processes such as photosynthesis, to convert it into useful forms of energy. Abellon has a portfolio of low-carbon energy technologies and a range of products and services, which together can meet the demands from the industrial, public and commercial sectors, as well as the community on a large scale. As Bioenergy is the need of the hour given the rising levels of Global Warming and Rai University intends its students to have firsthand knowledge and expertise about this challenge was the primary reason behind hosting such kind of session.
The session lasted for two hours and was focused on value-chain technologies of biomass feedstock, with a special emphasis on liquid biofuels research aimed at cutting down consumption of conventional petrol and diesel. Current trends in the bio-fuel industry ranging from biomass characterization, bio-ethanol, bio-oil and bio-methane were discussed in detail. The technology behind bio-pellets and their role in effectively help meeting the energy and heat generation needs in the residential, commercial and industrial segments was also summarized. The idea behind tissue culture for continuous supply of scientifically produced, disease-free, pathogen-free, genetically uniform and high biomass- yielding planting material was discussed in-depth. The lecture ended with a small talk on career prospects in bioenergy industry and Q&A session. The lecture was interactive and the students gained expert insight into the transforming new era of bioenergy.

Students engaged in lecture delivered by Dr. Bharat Gami

Dr. Bharat Gami with Dr. Soham Trivedi (Head) and Team from School of Life Sciences, Rai University