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Guest Lecture-14th September 2017-Roomi Consultancy-Life Science & Management

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, soft skills are as important as theoretical knowledge in landing a dream position for college students who are working hard toward achieving their future success. Recognizing the growing interest in ‘job hunting skills’ and ‘self-improvement’ among Rai University students, School of Life Science and Management invited a market expert to upgrade the students’ prospect on 14th September 2017.


Mr. Ayazuddin is the founder of Roomi Consultancy and works as a marketing consultant and trainer with 12+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector as a marketer. His areas of expertise expand from brand management, sales & marketing process, to planning and execution strategies.


Mr. Ayazuddin started off by portraying the current market situation of Indian pharmaceutical industry. The Indian Pharmaceutical market is expected to reach US $55 billion by 2020. The “Pharma Vision 2020” initiative is a further boost to the industry. He emphasized that despite huge demand from the industry, well qualified graduates haven’t been able to land good jobs. Poor performance in job interviews has deprived deserving fresh graduates of good opportunities. Mr. Ayazuddin drew the students’ attention to the importance of developing effective communication skills for job interviews and encouraged the students to learn to present their strengths with confidence. The students also were introduced to the concept of personal branding which would help them to climb up the ladder of organizations.


Having a goal in life and working towards achieving it is something that every student should do. Mr. Ayazuddin’s lecture has broadened the perspective of the attending students’ career option and personal areas to focus for the remaining of their school days.