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Flying Festival’ fiesta of kites at Rai University

The Indian mythology had always celebrated each festival with lot of colors, staying ardour, marking the victory of good over evil.
Similarly, Uttarayan embarks the journey of Lord Sun into various directions.
Rai University had organized “Kite Flying Festival” event on 10th January, 2018.
Makar Sankranti is referred to as the day of vigorous and prosperous beginning. This year, Reet Club came up with an initiative of celebrating Kite festival with the vibes of competition in the atmosphere. More than 13 teams were selected for this competition that had the task of cutting down the highest number of kites in the shortest time. The moment the competition began, the sky was filled up with colors of joy and an equal number of kites, keeping the festive feel alive.
The enthusiastic cheers of “Kai po che”, “Lapet”, “Dheel de de” could be heard amidst the chores despite the loud music being played.
Not only students but Faculties also had a pleasant time.
The beauty of such festivals is that an active participation is what matters the most and not winning or losing. The event was concluded with Prize distribution to the winning team, Manish Vyas and Janu Bhoi by Prof. Veerendra Sinh Nagoria(Director Academics and Academics Administration) and Mr. Vijay Tripathi(Director – Administration)

Battle to begin

Colours of Kite

Moment of Joy


Sweet Juncture

The Memorable Moment