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Rai University FDP -” Effective Teaching Methodologies”-Dr. L.P.Joshi-15th Sept-2018

                    A good portion of an academician’s life and work is teaching. Indeed, teaching is one of the main goals of a University. Most faculty members would like to motivate and inspire students to learn deeply in their courses. Still, as is well known, some teachers are more effective than others. This workshop is about becoming a more effective teacher.

                   Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Rai University organized the Faculty Development Program (FDP) titled Effective Teaching Methodology conducted by Dr. L. P. Joshi (former Principal of Arts, Commerce & Science College, Borsad, Gujarat) on 15th September, 2018.

                  The FDP started with the welcome speech by Prof. Ashish Rami (Director-CRD). Dr. L. P. Joshi stated that teaching is sacred profession by which teachers transform power in terms of knowledge in to their students. He discussed a few key concepts and practices which are now widely accepted and recognized as being effective in improving the teaching and learning process

                   He quoted many examples to make faculties understand about how to teach student effectively. With focusing on the advantages to maintaining diary and gathering information from various sources, he added, “It should be first stated clearly that one cannot be an effective teacher for a subject without having a decent understanding and knowledge of that subject. However, even with understanding of the subject, one may not be an effective teacher. The aim of this FDP was to help faculty, or aspiring faculties, who have a decent understanding of the subject matter to become effective teachers.”

                 This FDP provided the wide knowledge for the various aspects of teaching to the faculties of Rai University. Prof. Ashish Rami concluded the session with Vote of thanks.