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Academic Workshop – Refrigeration & Air conditioning – by Department of Mechanical Engineering – 2nd March, 2017 – School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science organized a spectacular knowledge imparting workshop in Rai University. Expertise RU Faculty Prof. Shivkumar Panjabi, Mr. Shankar Sawant and Mr. GhanshyamUmaraniyasharedtheir practical knowledgeon Refrigeration & Air conditioning Systemwith students of Mechanical Engineering.
As they say, “Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing.”School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) believes in the holistic and diverse growth and development of students as well as to develop practical knowledge in various genres of Engineering and Applied Science. This workshop was organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering under School of Engineering & Applied Science.
Prof. Shivkumar Panjabi initiated the workshop by introducing about the basic concepts such as learning’s about various compressors and refrigerant, finding leakage in process, filling the refrigerant in refrigerator and air conditioner were the major topics for discussion. A key objective of this workshop was to provide a thorough understanding of the practical functioning’s of fundamentals of the vapour compression refrigeration system, how it works was also demonstrated practically.The key components and characteristics of refrigerants were discussed in brief too.
Another aim was to teach students how practically the model or machinery works or how to repair AC and Refrigerator in real sense. They were also demonstrated and taught to vacuum, check the leakage and the expertise of welding process practically.Various types of compressors were shown which can be used in refrigerator and air conditioning.
The workshop’s most important learning outcome was to bring out the effecient engineers in true sense. The practical learning was the main motto of the workshop where students can repair the machines on their own after this practical demonstrative lesson.
They understood uses of these components and were able to generate awareness with various refrigerants used in various processes and were able to implement practically how the leakage can be found in refrigerator and air conditioner and how the gas is filled in a refrigerator and air conditioner were the prime extract of the entire workshop.Great efforts were put in by Department of Mechanical Engineering, which gave students a lot of clarity and confidence.

“Brief introduction about the Workshop and concerned model by the expert Professor”

“Students Learning the basic functioning’s and assets of the model from the Professor”

“Workshop on Refrigeration & Air conditioning to provide a solid introduction to the principles about the subject”