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Academic Workshop – Department of Automobile & Mechanical Engineering on Automobile Maintenance and Garage Practice – 20th February, 2017

India is emerging as one of the most attractive automotive markets in the world, and is poised to become a key sourcing base for auto components. When we talk about the Indian Automobile Industry, the sector in India,which illustrates its growing significance aslargest three wheeler market in the world, largest two wheeler market in the world, largest passenger vehicle market in Asia, largest tractor market in the world, largest commercial vehicle market in the world and hence repairing and servicing of automobile has become the key role. To facilitate and demonstrate the same for students of Automobile & Mechanical Engineering a special Tata Winger Engine assembly and disassembly workshop was arranged in campus. Department of Automobile & Mechanical jointly organized one day interactive workshop in Automobile Lab, on 20th February 2017 a place where new innovative learning approach was applied to practically learn basics of Automotive repair maintenance and garage practice.
Under the guidance of expert faculty- Mr. MehboobAbdulkarimManparaand Mr. Pritesh Patel, Lab assistant from Mechanical departmentand all other supportive Lab assistantsthe workshop was conducted. Each part of the engine was disassembled from Tatawinger and very well explained by the expert. He also explainedin detail about the functioning and working of engine parts like Head gasket, valves, valves guides, valve catches, cylinder, engine head etc. By this innovative teaching method students were more comfortable in asking their queries and they could gainpractical knowledge about the fundamentals of actual automotive engines and systems. Topics like vehicle maintenance, automotive repairs, garage practice were practically explained by the expert.
Moreover Q/A session was also organized post workshop in which participants discussed about various new technologies like MPFI,CRDI, DI, IDI etc. In the end, one session on four wheeler systems was also taken in which participants gained knowledge about working principles of different parts and accessories of 4-stroke diesel engine. In this workshop students learnt about all the aspects related to vehicle maintenance and they felt and experienced the real responsibilities of a professional engineer.
Department of Automobile and Mechanical Engineering has always believed in Outcome Based Education approach. After the successful completion of the workshop students are able to know about various parts of automobile engines. They are able to service engine cylinder head, valve guide and various others parts of engines.

Engine overhauling

Practical session done by students

Participants learning Engine disassembly from Expert

Participants of STP – Department of Automobile & Mechanical Engineering