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Academic Workshop on “Construction Project Management” – Department of Civil Engineering – 29th& 30th March

Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science continues to strive loftier by exploring new frontiers of knowledge, imparting the latest technical knowledge to the students & rendering technical advice on live engineering problems. On 29th & 30th March, an Academic Workshop was organized by the department on the topic “Construction Project Management”. The esteemed Guest Speaker for the session – Mr. Satadru Chowdhury, Engineer at Skyfi Education Labs Pvt. Ltd. gave his presence on both the days. He has conducted 25+ workshops as a chief trainer and trained Civil Engineering Graduates across the country including IITs. Prof. Ramesh Patel from Department of Civil Engineering warmly welcomed Mr. Chowdhury on behalf of the university.
On the first day, the session was majorly briefing and theory aspect, which set the foundation for students to see demonstration and work practically on the second day on the software‘Primavera’. The speaker initiated the sessiondiscussing general civil engineering principles. He also briefly introduced about project management and emphasis given on construction. He also explained the procedure of the Software and its utilization. Moving ahead, a detailed technical view of the concept construction project management was presented. Mr. Chowdhury also talked about how a business runs, various factors affecting the same and what are the skills required and understanding by citing interesting and thought provoking examples. One of the main highlights of the workshop was when students were actually involved in designing one construction project based on the given conditions and constraints.The best performer and designer students were evaluated on basis of given different tasks of construction project management for specified time period.
The workshop gave an insight to the student about the practical working and designing of a construction project. One cannot deny the fact that improved technical skills certainly adds on to the employability skills. Students were very satisfied with the workshop.

Practical working on Construction Project Designing

Day One – An active learning

Hands on practical exposure

Learning the fundamentals