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About Inspiron

Inspiron-2014 is the annual cultural tech fest of Rai University. It refers to hosting a variety of events that include competitions, exhibitions, guest lectures as well as workshop.
Rai University stands on the strong pillars of EVOLVING THINKING MINDS of students. For a mind to think and evolve it needs inspiration, so let’s celebrate and promote inspiration with the upcoming grand fest, inspiron-2014 which has been started with the aim of providing a platform for the students to develop and showcase their technical as well as non-technical abilities.
This festival draws talent and provides platform for students to showcase their skills in competitions and events which are mainly categorized as:-
• Challenging events
• Creative events
• Amusing events
Inspiron-2014 organized by the Raians Organizing Committee, promises you a lot of fun and is all ready to inspire your evolving minds!! Are you?