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Industry Visit- Safe Express- 8th October 2016 and 8th November 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell.

Rai University has always believed in maximizing Industrial Exposure to students across all streams. Taking this aim in mind, the Corporate Resource Cell recently organized an Industrial Visit to SAFEXPRESS Pvt. Ltd. The students from Bachelor of Business administrator of Semester 1st, 5th and the students of 1st Semester of Bachelor of Commerce were the prime beneficiaries of this visit. Mr.Arbind Singh and Mr. Ashok Shrivastav Manager of Marketing Department at SAFEXPRESS Pvt. Ltd was the company guide for the students on behalf of the organization.

SAFEXPRESS Pvt. Ltd has its unique excellence as ‘Knowledge Leader’ and ‘Market Leader’ consisting the dynamic features of warehousing, supply chain & logistics revolution in all over the India. Through its pioneering initiatives, the company has totally redefined the way supply chain functions in the country and has developed a warehousing facility spanning over 11 million square feet across the country and it delivers more than 80 million packages every year.

The Industrial Visit’s prime motto was to deepen the cognitive perspectives of the students where the prime aim was to make the students aware about the proceedings of the role of Logistics Park in supply chain operations, the management of warehouse operations, multi-modal logistics system and operations of fulfillment centre for online business. The tour was initiated by warmly greeting RU Students and RU Faculty by the company and the Deliberation of company presentation show cased their glorified history, dynamic current operations and even magnificent future developments.

The Firm has diverse value-added logistics services for 9 different business verticals ranging from Apparel & Lifestyle, E-commerce, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Publishing to Automotive, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, FMCG & Consumer Electronics and Institutional. Their excellence in technology such as customized solution, flexible system integration and seamlessness into the flow as a part of the supply chain was show cased.

The tour of the Company with the expert Manager show cased their expertise, versatile and extensive networks of the warehouse proceedings for the Gujarat territory which was remarkable one. The managers were deeply knowledgeable and dynamic. They imparted their excellence and expertise knowledge to RU students which had detailed description about warehouse and logistics management and designing and the ways to make better usage of space and described how wooden pallets are designed for heavy duty storage in warehouses.

The Expertise Versatile knowledge helped students to understand various aspects of supply chain management, Warehouse Management and Inventory Management. Lastly the visit was concluded with a ‘Question-Answer Session’, where the students clarified their doubts and understood the requirements of the modern day corporate business world. By concluding students got the main key of Life as “The Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”.

Introductory Presentation by the expert manager of SAFEXPRESS Pvt. Ltd

A tour of the Company with the expert Manager in Proceedings of Warehouse Department.

Dynamic RU Students with RU Faculty during the Industrial Visit at SAFEXPRESS Pvt. Ltd.

A Token of Love and respect given to RU Faculty member from SAFEXPRESS Pvt. Ltd.