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Industry Visit – Sabarmati Canal Syphon Karai – 9th April 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

“Irrigation of the land with seawater desalinated with fusion power is ancient, it’s called Rain.”
-Michael McClary

The Corporate Resource Cell decided to cross traditional thinking and decided to arrange a different visit for the students of Civil Engineering. With the thought of making a difference, an Industrial Visit was arranged at Sabarmati Canal Syphon, Karai on 9th April, 2016.

Sabarmati canal syphon is world’s largest canal syphon an incredible feat of engineering. The Narmada Canal crosses the Sabarmati River! The water flows through a huge tunnel built under the bed of the river and continues on the other side!

The visit was initiated with an overview by the engineers at the Canal Syphon. The students were shown an overview of the structure mainly consisting of two sections namely 1) The Acqueduct and 2) The Syphon Aqueduct. Furthermore, the students were given a visit of escape.The students were given a detailed level of information on the radii of the escape along with dimensions in order to enhance their knowledge and to give them a chance to appreciate the complexity of a structure.

The students learnt and understood a practical applicability of Irrigation Engineering, importance of accurate dimension measurement and making engineering designs with a difference.


Student and Faculties-A group Photo at Sabarmati Canal Syphon