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Industry Visit – Parle-G – 15th April 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell of Rai University organized a visit to Parle Industries with a vision to help the students to understand and provide glimpse of internal working environment of industries. The objective was to provide opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. The students of B.Tech Electrical Semester IV, B.Tech Electronics and Communication Semester VI and Diploma Electrical Semester VI were the prime beneficiaries of this visit.

Parle Products was established as by confectionery in the Vile Parle suburb of Mumbai, in 1929. Parle Products has been India’s largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery for almost 80 years. Makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, symbolizes quality, nutrition and great taste. With a reach spanning even to the remotest villages of India, the company has definitely come a very long way since its inception. Many of the Parle products – biscuits or confectioneries, are market leaders in their category and have won acclaim at the Monde Selection, since 1971.

The objective of this visit to Parle Products, Bhuj was to help the students to understand the overview of the Biscuit manufacturing plant. The students were briefed about the control system, Q&A department and electricity generation. The Best thing about Parle was , they generate their own electricity through CNG plant and it was briefed to students of Electrical engineering.

The visit was initiated with a warm welcome by the representative. The students were shown a documentary introducing Parle Products’ history and revolution. It also focused on how each product of Parle is manufactured in factory. It contains process of molding, backing, cooling, shaping and packaging. Students got really satisfactory answers to their queries. Then coordinator led students through the plant and gave basic knowledge of each segments and process. The students got the idea of how it is made and how an engineer can play his role here. The coordinator ensured students they will contact us if any hiring and training scheme is there. They gave us certificate for visit.

The visit greatly encouraged the students to think over a career in the manufacturing sector as well as helped the students to enhance the knowledge. It surely provided an insight to the real working environment of the industry.


Students – A group photo at Parle Products, Bhuj.