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Industry Visit – National Academy of Indian Railways, BARODA – 1st October, 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

“Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession of ignorance”. – S. Leonard Rubinstein, Writing: A Habit of Mind. To fulfill the curiosity of the students about knowledge an industrial visits organized at National Academy of Indian Railways – Baroda by Corporate Resource Cell Rai University Ahmedabad on 1st October 2016. The students B.Tech Civil engineering Semester V, VII were the prime beneficiaries of this visit.

The academy was re-established in 1952 at Pratap Vilas Palace Vadodara built by Maharaja Sayaji Rao for his eldest son Fatehsing Rao. The Palace is adorned by exquisite carvings of its construction was started on 15 February 1908. The palace complex is built in 55 acres. The palace, construction was completed in 1914, also known as Lalbaugh Palace or Prince’s Palace, was leased by the then Bombay Government on 31 January 1949 and given to the Railways for their use who subsequently purchased the property on 6 January 1964 for Rs 24,38,271.

The main aim behind the visit is to integrate and enhance the knowledge regarding railway transportation to the Civil Engineering students. The official resource provided by the Academy explained about the technological-integration of different components of railway and their functions and explained in detail history of Indian railway by the staff at the premises, also they explain the function of each model which is designed accordance with the changes in the facilities improved to the Indian Railway. The students were divided into two groups and they visited training rooms to get the detail insight of the functioning of the organization as well as models generated accordance with the improvement in facilities.

Students also briefed about the manufacturing of various parts of railway model and their respective function undertaken by RSC. During the student visit, this institute provided a well-rounded education to the railway officials. They try to inculcate a sense of hardcore discipline in these officials and also heighten the level of admiration for the Indian Railways. Railway studies are delivered in the best of ambiance.

A Q/A session were conducted by Mr. Rajnish Gupta, when he interacted with the students and solved their queries. The students and all the staff members enjoyed the technical Endeavour at the “National Academy of Indian Railways – Baroda” a lot. The visit provided a great insight and also useful information related to the practical aspects of the course which cannot be visualized in lectures.

Railway Staff College – Working Model Demonstration – the only live model in India, which has been updated with the passage of time

Students were given demonstration of working model – signaling and control by the authorities of Railway Staff College

Railway Staff College – Baroda Technical Expert briefing the students

Students were given practical knowledge through working Models