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Industry Visit – Jyoti Transelect Co. – 16th April 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

Rai University, Ahmedabad aims to fulfill the student goals and dreams in an efficient way to gain practical knowledge of the core projects and gain industrial skills which can complete the their education properly. The Corporate Resource Cell of Rai University organized a visit to Jyoti Transelect Co. with a vision to help students understand the do’s and don’ts of the industrial practice. The purpose of the visit was to contribute to the achievement of various essential learning outcomes and program objectives. The students of B.Tech Electrical Semester IV and VI, B.Tech Electronics and Communication Semester VI and Diploma Electrical Semester VI were the prime beneficiaries of this visit.

Jyoti Transelect Co. is one of the leading companies in manufacturing transformers and repairing it which is 35 years old and first in Bhuj. It is the biggest supplier of transformer in Kutch region. Jyoti Transelect mostly undertakes Gujarat Electricity Board contracts to manufacture transformer and maintenance for them. It manufactures 11 KV to 230,440 V Step down transformers. The company is also giving service of repairing transformers which are damaged electrically and physically.

The objective of the visit to Jyoti Transelect Co. was to make students understand the basic processes of transformer makings and repairing. They produce Star Delta connection type transformers. Here damaged transformers are assembled with new parts by removing damaged ones. They use heating process for removing moisture from transformers and for cooling they use oil.

Students were briefed about the steps of manufacturing transformers and we were answered to certain queries. Students were also led to the industry’s manufacturing and repairing section and given sufficient information of the same. Students were able to see persons repairing transformers. It was a great pleasure for students to see manufacturing transformers which they kept studying since the beginning.

The visit greatly inspired students as they got idea about how transformers are made and repaired in real world of manufacturing. It gave them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at university.


Faculties and Students – A group photo at Jyoti Transelect, Bhuj.