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Industry Visit – Jagdamba Polymers – 10th October, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

The corporate resource cell recently planned a visit at the Jagdamba Polymers. The visit was aimed at linking the student’s ideas with real time learning concepts. The students of Mechanical engineering studying in 3rd Semester were the prime beneficiaries of this visit. Mr. Pravinbhai Patel represented the company and guided them around the campus while answering some curious questions.
Jagdamba Polymers Ltd. is based at GIDC Dholka, Gujarat. It is making products based on order regarding polymer contain products and polymer contain bag row martial for different types of uses and different types of materials. It also provides all types of quality which is demanded by costumers.
The objective of the Industrial Visit was to acquaint the students with the working of the Engineering section in the Polymer based Product Industry. The tour began with a general overview of the workshop. Firstly, the students visited training center and learnt about the basic overview of company and its products and its capacity also future plans and goal of company. Further, they visited to the weaving plant and learnt how the raw material gets converted in to wire strip, how weaving m/c works also the use of press m/c., about lamination plant and printing work on the end of product.
The visit helped students to understand the working of machinery, different types of polymer tetchiness also the use of different machines and its applications.

Students and Faculty-Group Photo