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Industry Visit – Havmor – 6th April – Rai Business School

Rai Business School organized an Industry Visit for BBA, B.Com and MBA students on 6th April to Havmor.
The teaching pedagogy at Rai Business School included learning from textbooks, lectures and other study material but that certainly does not suffice for holistic learning. The School believes practical, hands-on learning is essential for better understanding of work processes and business functions.
The visit targeted mainly the Production, Management & Logistics Departments at Havmor.
Havmor is one of India’s fastest growing ice cream brands. For the last four decades, he has been leading the company through changing times, tastes and trends, making the most out of every adversity, as well as every opportunity.
One of the key objectives certainly was to understand the manufacturing process of ice cream but along with the it was also to make students learn about the new marketing strategies, management of the cold storage operations, be able to learn and distinguish between real ice cream and frozen dessert.
The host manager warmly welcomed the students and also delivered a presentation about Havmor introducing the core services and operations of Havmor, which covered from its history to the future development plans. Students saw a video of ice cream manufacturing. They then moved towards the manufacturing department and saw the complete process. The significance of Raw Material and Quality Testing was explained also the difference between Real Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert was explained. Students also visited the storage area where Ice Cream is kept at the temperature below minus 20 degrees. After that, there was a separate talk with the manager about career options. The young manager really inspired students and provided lots of useful information for them like how to get ready to apply for a manager trainee program and what is the right attitude. It was another kind of learning experience and it truly surprised all. An ice cream truly brings a smile on our face but visiting the factory made students learn about the various challenges overcome by manufacturers to keep the smiles going.

Students ready for the presentation

A group photo

A zoom out view of the manufacturing unit at Havmor

Initial briefing at Havmor