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Industry Visit – GMDC Solar Power Plant – 16th April 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

Industry Visits enhance the student’s learning process. It helps to bridge the gap between classroom and the real field world. The Corporate Resource Cell at Rai University organized a visit to GMDC 5 MW solar plant on at Panandhro in Kutch district with a vision to understand the power generation through solar power. The students of B. Tech Electrical Semester IV and VI, B. Tech Electronics and Communication Semester VI and Diploma Electrical Semester VI were the prime beneficiaries of this visit.

5 MW Solar Power Project of GMDC Limited was commissioned at Panandhro in Kutch district started commercial generation in the Financial Year 2011-12. The objective of visit to GMDC Solar power plant was to introduce power generation through solar energy. The students were explained about electricity generation through solar energy using Silver based solar plates. As light hits the solar panels, the solar radiation is converted into direct current electricity (DC). The direct current flows from the panels and is converted into alternating current (AC) used by local electric utilities. Finally, the electricity travels through transformers, and the voltage is boosted for delivery onto the transmission lines so local electric utilities can distribute the electricity to homes and businesses.

The students also looked forward to visit the installation site. However, their enthusiasm turned to excitement when they found out that the tour would not only include a walk-through of the site, but also got demonstrated of huge source of non-conventional power generation. Representative from GMDC accompanied students and they were taken to the Solar Park, shown the solar photo voltaic panels and explained about the power generation through solar panels is helpful The students during the visit learnt sustainability in various disciplines, including business, science, policy, and development.

Students visited every section of solar power plant such as solar plates, inverters, and substation. Students asked their queries and got relevant answers for it. Students were pleased to see green energy production as solar power plant doesn’t cause pollution to environment. Students were happy that they knew now how it works.

The visit greatly inspired students as they got idea about Green Energy production and encouraged them to use their skills and knowledge in power industries.


Faculties and Students – A group photo at GMDC Solar power plant, Panandhro.

Solar panels commissioned at the GMDC Solar power plant, Panandhro.

A Group Photo of Faculties and Students – At GMDC Solar Power Plant, Panandhro.

Substation GMDC solar power plant, Panandhro.