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Industry Visit – Ashhtec Engineering Company – 10th March, 2017 – Corporate Resource Cell

A mechanical engineer uses creative design and analytical knowledge to turn a concept into something real. It is said, Mechanical Engineering is all about “How things work?” Students study that in the curriculum and get guidance from faculty members too. But what is also important is “How things work today in industries?” And hence, Rai University believes in making students visit the industry frequently along with their studies.
10th March, 2017 students of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, Semester IV, visited Ashhtech Engineering Company. In the Assembly Unit, they visited various departments like Machinery Shop, Welding Unit, etc. Ashhtec Engineering Company has highly skilled and Innovative team which consists of Professional engineers & technicians who has good hands on experience. The team has in-depth knowledge of design, manufacturing, execution of any type Hydraulic Project.
One of the main objectives of the visit was to show students the working in pipe design, hydraulic machineries & different welding joints. Also, to help students understand manufacturing and fabrication work. Students visited the Production Unit first. Prof. MansiGovani guided students regarding various welding joins. Prof. Dharmesh Patel gave information about various measurements and checking of instruments. Students also saw the numerous manufacturing facilities offered like grinding, testing, turning-CNC turning Centre, TIG welding, burnishing for super finishing, etc. to name a few.
The visit was concluded by Mr. Nilesh Patel, when he interacted with the students and solved their queries. Students gained practical knowledge and working of various machineries, which enhanced their knowledge.

Students at Ashhtec Engineering Company