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Industry Visit – ABC Agribiotech – 20th October, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

“To find out a person’s actual potential, look at the person’s parents”. These are the words of a great microbiologist Louis Pasteur, inventor of the pasteurization technique. In order to enrich the knowledge base of the students, the corporate resource cell organized an Industrial Visit to ABC Agri Biotechnology. The students of B.Sc. Microbiology /Biotechnology & B.Tech Biotechnology Semester V were the prime beneficiaries of this knowledge sharing opportunity. Mr. Ghanshyam Patel was the company guide for the students on behalf of the organization.
ABC Agribiotech is one of the leading companies of plant tissue culture companies of Gujarat. It started in 2012. Dr. S. Mangalam is the Director of this company.
The Industrial Visit aimed at understanding an overall view and to understand the process and working system of plant tissue culture Company.
The tour was initiated by a welcome address and after dividing into groups, the students visited the different sections of the plant which included the media preparation room, autoclaving room, quality control lab, Growth lab. Students learnt a lot regarding sterilization , culturing of plant’s stem or root in media, quality control, growth of plant tissue culture in lab. Students also learned the whole process of plant tissue culture.
The visit greatly helped students to understand that process and the working of a Plant and Tissue Culturing company and understood the requirements of the modern day corporate expectations from future microbiologists.

Students and Faculty-A Group Photo

A glimpse of Complex machinery used in Sterilization Program

Students were made to understand the importance of stringent rules and regulations and made to understand regarding the safety precautions to be taken

Students posed for a group photo outside the office of ABC Agri Biotech