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Industrial Visit – SNK GROUP OF COMPANIES – 29th & 30th September 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell.

The Corporate Resource Cell organized an Industrial Visit to SNK Group of Companies to facilitate students to get a deeper understanding on one of the most important elements of civil engineering namely Roofing. The students belonging to B. Tech. Sem V & Diploma Sem V Civil Engineering were the prime beneficiaries of this visit.
SNK GROUP OF COMPANIES based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is the company for manufacturing of industrial sheds or godawns as per the requirement of the owner of the company.
The main objective of this visit was to understand how to construct the industrial sheds or godowns for various types of industrial buildings or storage buildings.
The tour was initiated by giving a brief overview of the rules and regulations to be followed by the students and an informative video about safety precautions and practices followed by the staff and workers. Students were shown actual construction process for the industrial shed. They also learned process of transferring load of shed through purlins to the rafters and through the rafters to the column. They also learned different layers of flooring provided to make the column with high bearing capacity and the importance of producing standard size sheds mostly used in Industries and their installation process
The students stood and watched with surprise and also noted a large part of all the information on the sections that they were shown. They also found out the flooring process and understood the erection process of an Industrial Shed. It was a very fruitful visit.

Mr. Sagar Shah from the Department of Civil Engineering showing some calculations in engineering drawing

Faculty and Students-a group photo