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Industrial Visit – Screenotex Engineering Pvt. Ltd. – 3rd April, 2015 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell organized an Industrial Visit to Screenotex Engineering Pvt. Ltd. on 3rd April, 2015 for the students pursuing B.Tech Civil Engineering at Rai University, to learn the intricacies of the construction industry and get a live purview into the live demonstration of work of a Civil Engineering graduate and were guided around the company campus by Mr. Girish Choksi.
‘Screenotex’ is a company fully based on printing machine manufacturing work. But their main aim is to give knowledge to students about the vibration free truss and foundation work. They have provided truss which can easily bear the vibrations caused by earthquake with the help of provided suctions in-between the beams and columns. They have also provided special flooring which can easily bear the vibrations of heavy moving machines which are used by them for different works daily.
The core objective of the visit was to inform the students about structural knowledge and also the students can understand deeply about truss type structures. They also understood that how can we provide flooring in industries where vibrations occur by heavy loaded machines.
On reaching students were guided around the work site and shown the work of shedding that had already been started. The students are divided in two groups because there were two types of construction work in process simultaneously. They found out the structural shed of the industry which is made with an advanced quality as vibration free shedding. The structural engineer had also provided suctions which can easily absorb the generated vibrations.
The students were able to get a fresh insight into the working of Stress Free Foundation Work and increasing the productivity of Industrial Machines by the use of the Vibration free work technology for a strong foundation for industrial buildings.

The students being shown different parts of the site by Mr. Sagar Rathod, Faculty from the Department of Civil Engineering

A group Photo at Screenotex Engineering

Site Construction Work in progress and development of shed in one part of the site