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Industrial Visit – POGGENMP ELECTRICAL STEEL PVT. LTD – 12th August 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell of Rai University organized a visit to the prominent POGGENMP ELECTRICAL STEEL PVT. LTD as a component of its idea to help the students understand working in engineering section in machineries production industry. The students of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Semester VII were the prime beneficiaries from this visit. Mr.Yogendra Chavda was the resource person on behalf of the organization.

The name of the company was inspired by two renowned scientists Poggendorff from Germany and Andre Ampere from France. Since 1982 Poggenamp Nagarsheth Powertronics Pvt Ltd. has a carved a niche in competitive but demanding motor lamination segment. A very wide range of product –mix comprising of wide spectrum of applications is the core strength of Poggenamp. The various sectors of the industry serviced are robotics avionics, hydro/gas/wind turbines, small/medium/large induction/traction motors, submersible/domestic pumps, alternators etc. Inauguration of Posco Poggenamp Electrical Steel was on January 17, 2012 to manufacture laminations for Power and Distribution Transformers.

Main objective behind the visit was to acquaint students with working in engineering section in machineries production industry. Students visited fabrication die punching, casting, heat treatment, machinery shop, packing, storage, and plant of company. They learnt about the addition of new highly sophisticated machines like high speed and pressurized punching machineries uses of different types of die and punches in manufacturing of stator and rotor of electric motor & also inner parts of electric motor. How casting process use in manufacturing of stator and rotor and its benefits. Students also learnt the use of heat treatment process like annealing of best property of the material.

The students learnt a lot about Industrial Machines, their capacity in production facilities, processing equipments, storage plant in huge machineries production industry & its engineering section and their correct use with proper safety. It also gave them a chance to come a step closer to their academics which forms the basis for a strong career. All in all, it was a prolific visit.