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Industrial Visit – Kotarpur Water Works – 6th September 2016 – Corporate Resource Cell

The Corporate Resource Cell at Rai University organized a visit to the well-known Kotarpur Water Works as a component of its idea to help the students understand Water Treatment and Water Supply in Ahmedabad. The students of Diploma & B.Tech Civil Engineering Semester V & VII were the prime beneficiaries from this visit. Mr. Nimesh Gajjar, engineer at Kotarpur Water Treatment Plan, Kotarpur Water Works, Sardar Nagar, Ahmadabad was the resource person on behalf of the organization.

Kotarpur Water Works provides services which focus on customer centricity rather than profit making motive in such competitive market. The company deals in Water Treatment and Water Supply in Ahmedabad. Kotarpur Plant treats 650 MLD water and max. 750 MLD water accumulated form Narmada by gravity flow and from Sabarmati by pumping water. The water treatment plant at Kotarpur provides up to 80% of water demand of 1100 MLD consumption of Ahmadabad city and is largest water treatment plant in Asia till now.

Main objective behind the visit was to acquaint students with 6 stages of water works plant which were Raw Water Sources, Clarification of water and Sedimentation of impurities, Sludge Plant, where residuals of Clarification plant is treated, Filtration Plant, Chlorination Plant and Clear Water Tank and Pump Station.

Mr. Nimesh Gajjar first guided all the students to Model Room of the plant at Admin Building, where he shared knowledge of the plant and working of the plant. He also informed that, the plant is designed for water treatment of 650 MLD with overloaded capacity of 750 MLD. As the increase in demand, plant is expanding 200 MLD to satisfy portable water demand by Ahmadabad city. It was informed that, “Narmada River and Sabarmati River are the two resources of Raw Water for Kotarpur Water Treatment Plant. There are 48 nos. of Clear Water Tank at Kotarpur Water Treatment Plant. 900 kg cylinder of chlorine is used for chlorination and 2 cylinders per day (24 hrs) are used every day. There are 10 Pumps at the plant. Each pump is having capacity of 4.1 million per hour. After Post Chlorination process, water is distributed to Ahmedabad from the pump station.”

Students visited the entire plant and got huge knowledge about water treatment and supply. They also clarified their doubts during the plant visit. It also gave them a chance to come a step closer to their educational experience which forms the basis for a strong career. All in all, it was a great visit.

Industry Visit – Kotarpur Water Works – Group Photo